AACP's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRIE) gathers, analyzes and summarizes data related to the colleges and schools of pharmacy accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Development and provision of technical support for the Assessment and Accreditation Management System (AAMS), in conjunction with ACPE.
  • Distribution and collection of annual surveys: the 'Curriculum Quality Surveys' and the 'Administrative Surveys' listed below (through the AACP Survey System), the Roster and Faculty Salary Survey, and the Healthy People 2020 Survey.
  • Administration and reporting of national, peer, and institutional survey results.
  • Communication of survey data through data visualizations including info graphics and interactive Tableau dashboards.


Survey Benefits

  • Comprehensive national reports and trends on pharmacy education.
  • Automatic data population into AAMS for assessment and accreditation.
  • Valuable on-demand bench marking reports and ad hoc reports.
  • Provides data to demonstrate institutional effectiveness and inform change.

To read AACP's institutional data policy statement, outlining ownership, data roles and responsibilities, and data classification, visit the AACP Institutional Data Policy Statement.

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For additional help or feedback, email the OIRIE Helpdesk.