The resource repository below lists the most frequent links associated with OIRIE's key functions. Click on the name to access the main website. If needed, email the main contact for each system. 

Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRIE)
Main website for 
Survey SystemAccess to administer, edit, and/or submit OIRIE 
AAMSAssessment and Accreditation Management System to assist in assessment and accreditation-related 
OIRIE TableauVisuals and interactive dashboards on OIRIE 
AACPMain website for 
PharmCASApplication service for first-year professional pharmacy 
Funded Research Grant Data Directory (FRGD)Information on NIH and other grants in which faculty are listed as the PI or Co-PI. 
ACPEQuestions related to accreditation when using 

For additional help or feedback, email the OIRIE Helpdesk