Once a school user account is created a welcome email with login credentials, including a temporary password, is sent to the email registered to create the account. Note: If unable to find the welcome email, check junk/spam folder for the invitation message from aams@aacp.org. Alternatively, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Login. Visit the AAMS page to login for the first time. The username is the email and is case-sensitive. Once logged in for the first time, the system will allow the temporary password to be changed. 

Video Tutorial

  • How to Login for the First Time:


How do I know if I have an AAMS account?

  • If unsure of having an account, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading User. Tip: If you are requesting an account and know your school administrator please cc them in the email as they will need to authorize account creations for new school users. 

I forgot my password, can I reset the password?

  • Yes. On the bottom of the login page, navigate to 'Forget your password?', enter your email address, and click on 'Reset Password'. A new temporary password will be sent to the email registered for your account. 

I tried resetting my password. Why am I still unable to login?

  • Please note the username and password are case-sensitive. Troubleshoot: If unable to login, click on 'Forget Your Password?' to request a password reset via e-mail. Once received, double check the spelling of the username registered in AAMS. If you continue experiencing login issues, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading LoginTip: Please include a screenshot of any error messages received as this will help facilitate troubleshooting. 

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk