The school administrator (admin) is the power role of the system. The admin can add other individuals with the ability to edit/add school users and assign permission levels. However, only the admin can edit the school Profile and submit a completed Self Study. These roles typically default to the dean at each institution; however, the dean may designate an alternate to serve in these roles. Note: Each school may only have one school admin at a time. To change the admin, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Admin. Only the current school admin and/or dean may make changes to the school admin account. Tip: CC the current admin and/or dean if requesting changes to the admin account as the admin and/or dean will need to approve the change. 

How to Add a School User

Once logged in:

    1. Choose ‘AAMS’ found in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen

    2. Click the ‘Users’ tab

    3. On the top right corner, click ‘Create New User’

    4. For Role, choose 'School User'

    5. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and TelephoneNote: the 'Telephone' field is optional 

    6. Assign Permission(s)

    7. Click 'Save'

The school user will receive an automated welcome email from aams@aacp.org with login credentials. 

Video Tutorials 

  • Overview for School Administrators:

  • Overview of the 'Users' tab:


I created a school user account. Why did my school user not receive the automated welcome email?

  • Have the school user check their junk/spam folder for the invitation message from aams@aacp.org. If they are unable to locate the email, make sure emails coming from the new AAMS system are white listed by your institution's IT department. Alternatively, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Login. 

Who is my institution's school administrator?

  • Please email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Admin to request information on the current school administrator for your institution. 

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk