The 'Assessment Tools' tab was created to allow schools to run benchmarking reports. Each school can run reports using at least 5 and up to 15 comparison schools. Only schools who submitted data for the year and the particular data source selected can run and be included in peer reports. Schools who did not submit data for the year and survey used to generate the report will have their checkbox grayed out, making them ineligible to participate in the peer report.


For each benchmarking report, 1 data source, 1 option, and 1 or multiple years need to be selected. Note: After making each selection, the page will refresh momentarily. 

  • Data Source: There are 25 different data source options available.
  • Options: Data may be reported using the mean. For some data sources the maximum and minimum are also available.
  • Year: One year or multiple years may be chosen depending on the data source selected. Note: A pop up message will appear to notify if only one year may be selected at a time.

How to Run and Download a Benchmarking Report 

In order to run a report, one data source, one option, and one or multiple year(s) must be chosen. Once selections are made, please select 5 to 15 schools to include in the benchmarking report, and then click on 'Run Report'. After the benchmarking report populates, two options become available: 'Save PDF to Documents' or 'Print PDF':

  • Save PDF to Documents: The report can be saved in AAMS under the 'Documents' tab and can be attached to the appropriate standards of the Self Study.
  • Print PDF: The system will generate a PDF of the benchmarking report that may be saved to a computer and/or printed as desired.

Video Tutorial

  • How to Run a Benchmarking Report:


Is there a limit to how many benchmarking reports I can produce?

  • There is no limit to the number of reports you can run in AAMS.

Why can I not choose a school for my benchmarking report?

  • If a school's checkbox is grayed out, they did not submit data for the report you are requesting and are ineligible to participate. If you would like to include a certain school in your peer group, you will need to select a year in which they have data. If selecting multiple years, the selected peer must have data in all years selected in order to run the report. 

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk