Each of the 25 standards under the 'Self Study' tab must be marked as 'Completed' before a Self Study is eligible for submission. Note: Only the school administrator may submit a Self Study. 


Once a standard is opened there is a 'View Key Element' button which references the main elements for the standard.

Each standard contains 5 sections:

  • Documentation and Data
  • College or School's Self-Assessment
  • College or School's Comments on the Standard
  • College or School's Final Self-Evaluation
  • Recommended Monitoring

Each standard shows one of the following 3 status options: 

  • Not Started: No user has started to make any changes to the standard.
  • In-Progress: One or multiple school user's have updated text or documents within the standard.
  • Completed: A school user has finalized changes to the standard and marked it as complete.

Each standard can be marked with one of the following compliance status options:

  • Compliant
  • Compliant with Monitoring
  • Partially Compliant
  • Non Compliant

How to Edit/Complete a Standard

Under the Self Study tab, all 25 standards are listed. After a standard is clicked, AAMS might take a few minutes to load all the data contained within a standard. Once the standard opens, the following edits can be made: 

In Section 1:

In Section 2:

  • Choose the appropriate choice for the college/school's Self-Assessment. Note: If a mistake is made, click on 'Clear' at the bottom of the assessment table. 

In Section 3:

  • There is an optional reference list provided when writing comments on a standard. Note: There is a maximum count for the comment box and also a 'Versions' dropdown menu in case a previous version needs to be restored. 

In Section 4:

  • Choose the school's self-evaluation compliance status that will eventually populate into the Self Study tab. Click on 'Clear' if a selection needs to be removed. 

In Section 5:

  • Under the commentary box enter any comments, if needed, for recommended monitoring. Note: Only narrative portions may be added in the comment section. No upload of files are allowed in this comment section. 

Once changes are made, there are two options in the top right corner to save:

  • 'Save Changes': Any changes made to the standard are saved. The standard status will remain at 'in-progress'.
  • 'Mark Standard Complete': Saves changes and marks the standard status as 'completed'. Note: There are no validations for marking a standard 'Completed'. It is the school's responsibility to confirm all information is included before marking a standard complete. While changes can continue to be saved after marking a status completed, no changes can be made after a Self Study has been submitted. 

Video Tutorial

  • How to Complete a Standard:


Why can’t I see the ‘Self Study’ tab in AAMS?

  • You may not have the appropriate permission levels setup for your account. Please contact your AAMS school administrator to request the 'Self-Study Read' or 'Self-Study Write' permission level. Alternatively, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading User. Tip: If you know your school administrator, cc them in the e-mail as we will need their authorization on any account changes.


How can I download a copy of one or multiple standards?

Why is there a buffering period when I try top open a standard?

  • AAMS may take some time to load certain standards or sections of the system due to various reasons such as file types or sizes. Please allow up to several minutes for the standard to load properly. Troubleshoot: If the Self Study is not generating properly, try another browser and/or an incognito window. If possible, clear your cache and/or cookies. 

Why can't I view ACPE's compliance status decision?

  • ACPE cannot review the Self Study until it has been submitted. After submission, ACPE's compliance status decisions will become visible once they release their decision. 

Why can't I see the 'Compliance Status' tab?

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk