Each of the 25 standards contains a 'Documentation and Data' section which includes required data views, required documentation, and the ability to upload optional documentation.


The Documentation and Data section contains:

  • Required Documentation and Data (i.e. uploads): Any documents and data required. 
    • Tip for Self Study Version 1.0: Standards 1, 16, 18, and 22 contain templates available to download, as provided by ACPE.
    • Tip for Self Study Version 2.0: Standards 1, 16, 18, 22, and 24 contain templates available to download, as provided by ACPE.
  • Required Documentation for On-Site Review: 
    • Self Study Version 1.0: Standards 7, 8, 10, 12-15, 18-19, and 21-22 require documentation.
    • Self Study Version 2.0: Standards 15 and 21 require documentation.
  • Data Views and Standardized Tables: All standards, except 5-6, 22, (and 25 for Version 2.0 only) contain prepopulated data views and/or standardized tables. Note: See next section for step-by-step instructions on entering optional comments and/or restoring previous versions. 
  • Optional Documentation and Data: Documents that provide further supporting evidence of compliance with the standard.

Note: Please contact the institution's ACPE representative for questions about required, or optional, documentation and data.

How to Use Optional Comments and Versions under Data Views and Standardized Tables 

  • Under each data view/table, any optional commentary on the chart/table may be entered under the 'Optional Comments'. Note: There is a maximum allowance of 1,000 characters. 
  • The different versions saved by the institution's self-study team can be viewed under 'Versions'. Each commentary box has a 'Versions' option where each version has a date and time stamp. A previous version may be restored and the commentary box for that version will restore to the version selected. A history of all versions is saved. Note: Restoring a version for one commentary box will not affect the rest of the Optional Comments boxes within the standard.


How do I attach documents to a standard?

Why is my Data Views and Standardized Tables commentary not visible in the Self Study PDF?

  • The Documentation and Data section is not included in the Short Version PDF. If you downloaded the Individual Standard PDF or the Full Self Study PDF and cannot see the data views nor tables and their commentary then the PDF might not have downloaded properly. Please try downloading the PDF again. Note: It might take a while for AAMS to download all of the data, please allow severaminutes for the download to complete successfully. Troubleshoot: If the Self Study PDF's are not generating properly, try another browser and/or an incognito window. If possible, clear your cache and/or cookies.   

When are the data used to produce the prepopulated data views and standardized tables imported into the 'Self Study' tab?

  • Please visit the Self Study Data Sources article. Note: Standard 16's standardized table on 'Applications and Admissions/Enrollments for the past three years' (see image below) is not prepopulated by AACP. Institution's must enter data into this table manually.

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk