Data from AACP surveys, PharmCAS, and the Faculty Profiles are imported into the 'Self Study' tab and made available to institutions for use in the self-study process. 

Mapping Chart and Timeline

The following chart shows which data are prepopulated into 21 standards of the Self Study and an estimated importation date:


Our institution's self-study report is due soon, can our data be imported into AAMS individually or before the estimated time frame?

  • We cannot import data for institution's individually. With the exception of the Faculty Profiles data, data from all institution's who participate in each data source will be imported together at the same time during the estimated time frame provided. Note: ACPE is aware of the importation timeline. Please reach out to your ACPE representative if you have any specific questions on what data to include in your self-study report. 

Can a specific import date be provided as the estimated date approaches?

  • We cannot provide an exact import date due to the general process of data collection and verification which can vary from year to year; however, our goal is to push the data as soon as we are able.

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk