Each of the 25 standard's contain a 'Required Documentation and Data' and 'Optional Documentation and Data' section, under 'Documentation and Data', where required and optional documentation may be uploaded for a Self Study. 


Each standard has three options to attach documentation and data required:

  • Attach File: Upload a file on a computer.
  • Select Existing File: Select a file saved in AAMS.
  • Hyperlink: Attach a document from a website.

How to Attach Documents within a Standard

  • To attach a file: Navigate to 'Choose File'. Once the desired file is found, either double click on the file or click 'Open'. The name automatically defaults to the name saved on the computer. The name may be changed if needed under 'Document Name'. After the file is attached and the name is confirmed, please click on 'Attach File'. A green message, 'Document added successfully', will pop up confirming the file was attached. 

  • To select an existing file: Choose 'Select Existing File'. Under 'Document Name', a document may be searched by name or tags. Alternatively, all documents previously uploaded in AAMS may be viewed by clicking on 'View All'. After finding the desired file, click on the 'Select' button next to the file.
  • To hyperlink: Click on 'Hyperlink' and enter the website and name. Then click on 'Save Hyperlink'. 

Note: After a file is attached successfully, the file will populate in a list under the 3 buttons 'Attach Files', 'Select Existing File' and 'Hyperlink'.

Video Tutorial

  • How to Attach Documents within a Standard:


When can I use hyperlinks?

  • Hyperlinks may be used at any point. However, they require online and live access in order to open properly when clicked. Tip: Do not use links that may become outdated soon or are broken. 

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk