Each standard is marked with a compliance status by the institution and ACPE’s board. Compliance status for the school is set by selecting an option in Section 4 'College or School’s Final Self-Evaluation' for each standard. After submitting the Self Study, ACPE’s board will also make compliance status selections and release to the institution at their discretion. Note: Only compliance statuses selected by the school will appear prior to submission and ACPE does not have access to the school's compliance statuses until after the Self Study is submitted. 


The compliance statuses, shown as colored blocks, under 'View Key' in the top right corner, are as follows:

  • Compliant: Shown in green. 
  • Compliant with Monitoring: Shown in yellow.
  • Partially Compliant: Shown in orange.
  • Non Compliant: Shown in red.

How to View the Compliance Status

Navigate to the 'Compliance Status' tab where all 25 standards are listed. If a compliance status has been set by the school a colored block will appear at the end of the standard. After the Self Study is submitted and ACPE has released their compliance status decision an additional column of color blocks will appear on the right side of the school's compliance status decision. Note: ACPE's compliance status will not populate until after the Self Study is submitted and ACPE has released a decision upon reviewing the standard(s). 


Why can't I see the 'Compliance Status' tab?

  • You may not have the appropriate permission levels setup for your account. Please contact your AAMS school administrator to request the 'Compliance Status' permission level. Alternatively, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading User. Tip: If you know your school administrator, cc them in the e-mail as we will need their authorization on any account changes.

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk