How do we add a new dean and/or new faculty/staff and what permission levels are available?

Are there any particular web browsers that are most compatible for AAMS website accessibility? 

  • There is not a particular browser that works best with AAMS. At times one browser type may work better than others and sometimes not. Tip: If you believe you are experiencing browser issues, use an incognito window to avoid cache-related issues that may affect how data displays and features work in AAMS. If possible, clear your cache and/or cookies (see next question for step-by-step instructions).

I am experiencing loading or formatting issues. Why is the system not generating properly?

  • If the pages, including any images or media content, are not generating properly, try another browser and/or an incognito window. If possible, clear your cache and/or cookies as this may affect how the site appears on your browser. For step-by-step instructions on how to clear your cache, follow the links below for the browser being used:

Why do I keep getting a 'Server Error' or 'System Invalid' message?

  • Please send a screenshot of the error message received to the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Tech in order for us to begin troubleshooting. 

Why is the server running slower than usual?

  • Due to large volume of downloads or traffic, the server may slow down during busy periods of time (e.g. after messages are sent out for new data availability). Please try again later in the day. If you are still experiencing long loading periods, email the AAMS Helpdesk using the subject heading Status.

Why are faculty/staff not receiving emails sent from AAMS?

  • Please check your junk mail folder for the invitation message sent from If you are unable to locate the email, please contact us for information on how to whitelist emails coming from AAMS. AACP has been notified by a few institutions that emails sent via AAMS have initially been blocked by their institution’s spam filtering software. If you believe some messages are being blocked, email the OIRIE Helpdesk using the subject heading IP Address.

When do data from the AACP surveys get imported into the 'Assessment Tools' and 'Self Study' tabs in AAMS?

Can I print or save the KB articles?

  • Yes, on the top right corner of each article there is a 'Print' option available. After clicking Print, based on your browser settings, you may be able to print and/or save the pdf. 

I searched the KB library but still have some questions, who can I contact?

  • Please email the AAMS Helpdesk with any questions, reports of broken links, concerns, or feedback related to the use of the system using the subject heading Feedback. ImportantFor any questions related to accreditationplease contact your ACPE representative.  

For additional help or feedback, email the AAMS Helpdesk.